hi yeah well i think i would be good for this position i have proof too ok 

things i am:

  • dedicated - one time i went on webkinz everyday for a whole month straight so i could get the mystery prizes
  • hard working - i carry the gallon milks when i go grocery shopping
  • persistant - i am always checking on my pizza when i order it online 
  • honest - i never lie about my addiction to shrek, our ogrelord
  • caring - i care about you 
  • trendy - i know about all the latest hip and hoppining trends like #sweg and yolo and also i know many video game characters like charmander from digimon

things i am not:

  • ?
  • ???????????
  • ??
  • toaster oven
  • ....
  • justin beiber
  • rude
  • Tumblr inline mkz1htP2q61qz4rgp

for these reasons you should consider me a good canadate for supreme overlord

beemo for supreme overlord?

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