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Drawing Marathon

Beemo September 22, 2012 User blog:Beemo

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Hey guys, i'm joing th Drawing Marathon this year! I hope to se you there, even if you're not gonna draw. We could use some votes and such :) its gonna be in summer, but I wanted to start this now so I wont forget :3 Hope to see y'all there!!!! If you want moar info, leave it on my talk page ;D peace.


I sign up

Username : Beemo

Age : 13

Favourite Drawing Type : Digital, Cartoon, Manga, Comics

Favourite User Drawing : Flame Prince Finn (FPF) ob-v


Dis is too adorb :)

Favourite Show/Movie to do fanart : ADVENTURE TIME!

Drawing : I have a lot though :(

HNI 0061

I'll put dis one cause it looks so hardcore :3 jay kays.

User Drawing Link : Non existant cause it didnt start ;D

Drawing Link :

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