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Fantasy Life!

Beemo October 25, 2014 User blog:Beemo

this game is too cute ; n ;

does anyone have this game? share your character screenshots if you do omgjghjhbskb and then we can play multiplayer and stuff ; u ;


The character customization in this game is UNBELIEVEABLE. 


I ended up going with a wizard as my first Life.

ZlCfzSlUj E0OVTueL

PS: Enter the password "Exceedingly cute" at the post office to receive an adorable maid outfit!!

ZlCfzSlUj E0OVTueL

Be sure to check the miiverse posts for more special passwords to receive some neat stuff!

My 3DS friend code is 0516 8234 8095 btw!! I hope we can all play together if you have it c:!!

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