Hellooo guys! If you haven't figured out from the title, tomorrow is HALLOWEEN!! As usual, I want you all to be safe and junk so let's get to some rules (yeah I know, but I mean I want you all to be safe)!!

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  1. Please do not eat candy that has been opened or look suspicious!! Even if it's your favorite candy, do not! Make sure an adult checks our your candy stash before you eat it all up cause you never know what could be in it!
  2. Carry a flashlight/glowstick/anything that will make you noticable!! Not only is it fashionable, but it can save your life! 
  3. Don't go alone! It's very risky and not fun at all! Stay with your friends/family and it'll be more fun and safe.
  4. If a stranger invites you into their home, do not go!! Politely refuse and hurry away (or you might get kidnapped y'hear?)
  5. Don't stay out for too long! Keep track of time so you don't end up lost in the middle of the night.
  6. Test your halloween makeup in a small area before applying it all over yourself!
  7. Wear costumes and mask that fit you! If you can't see from it, then don't wear it.
  8. Try to stay on the sidewalk as much a possible!
  9. Never accept rides from strangers!
  10. Look both ways before crossing the street!!!


I think that's all there is to cover. Remember to stay safe and have a happy halloweeeweeeen!!

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(PS: I didn't draw any of these!!)