"Oh, honey, how's your work today?" It was Ice King who was speaking. He was talking to no one in particular, and in a high-pitched voice he added, "Terrible, because I cannot spend a day without you, the Ice King!"' Gunter quaked. "You see Gunter, this is what will happen if I had a wife,". "'Wak wak," Gunter asked. "I told you, in a flower or something-" Ice King answered with a taunt. He walked over to his cold bed and sat down and looked out the window. "I wonder why Princesses hate me," he said sadly. He stood up and walked over to his mirror. His reflection stared back at him with sad eyes. " I just want someone to love me." He slumped back on his icy bed. "Oh, Gunter. If only you knew how painful it is to be rejected so many times," he said as Gunter sat beside him. "Wak," Gunter said.' "Thank you Gunter," Ice King replied and gave Gunter a sandwich. Gunter happily ate it. " Wak wak wak," ."Don't push your luck Gunter," Then, the Ice King walked over to an old portrait hanging on his wall. " Yoy still love me right Betty?". At that moment you could see sanity in his eyes, something he lost years ago. "Wenk". "What?"' Ice King said and wiped his eyes. He had been crying for the last 3 minutes but Gunter didn't notice. "Wak." said Gunter. Ice king looked at the penguin and smiled with some happiness that he thought he lost. "Thank you Gunter."

Bold = what ice king says

italics = what gunther says

First Fan fic dont laugh.