Hello, I've noticed a lot of hate going on around here and this shouldn't be happening. We should all be nice to each other instead of insulting and threatening people. What has this wiki become? It used to be so fun and friendly! Back then, everyone was courteous to each other, I'm not saying there are no kind people on this wiki, I'm sure everyone here is extremely helpful and nice! We just need to work that towards each other. Everyone on this wiki should feel welcomed! Everyone on this wiki shouldn't feel as though they have to leave!

If there's an issue we should work together to solve it! People shouldn't be judged by their actions. People can change, so we should give whoever is saying sorry a chance! We should be able to go on this site and edit, comment, and chat without starting an all out war. We shouldn't vandalize on people's hard work, we should help them! You shouldn't insult people, you should complement them! And I believe I speak for everyone when I say that this place is like family to me. Sure, there are ups and downs, but we can work through these! Everyone here is super special and amazing. After more than a year on this site, I feel as though I know you all so well.

When I first came to this wiki, I was not welcomed and was ignored. It was not a fun thing for me to come here because I couldn't talk to anyone. But, 27finnsprincess, Flambo the Epic Epic(;, Sweet Princess, Happy Smoothie, RandomKitten, MComics, and Sumersprkl made me feel welcome. They became my first friends here and I'll never forget that. Later down the road I became friends with Sabahwashere, Sek, Odaceus, The Lich, Order Soldier, Yogurt Spill, Finnawesome, Minichurro, Flame Prince Finn, Flame Princess, Rebecca, CHolt, Ins4nekazuma, AwesomeFelix, Shipt, Freekingamer, RoseSweets, Vampire king of Ooo, Tavisource, Bizzib, Soul Wolfy, BatmanBaleLover, FIONNA THE HUMAN GIRL, ArkanJoe, Finn Murtons, Beemo Blitz, Iam, DeviantSerpent, Hero Boy, Shojo-chan Cat, FTH, Redzephyr01, Doomsdaynger, Fluffy105, Sky Monster, Andre, Nihi, TMBMITW, Yuzura, Sparda, Musha, Gazerkids, Randomced, Perrystar, BLAUGHUM, BMO, AcePhoenix, Flambo327, TechnoSparks, Marcaline, VQO, Pinkamena DianePie, Meganunan, Mew the Creator, ATG, LGP, and a whole bunch of other people I didn't mention. In fact everyone here is my friend (if you're nice to me hehe)! The reason why that list is so long is because I welcome people just like I was welcomed. When someone takes time to know you and to become your friend, this wiki becomes a place that you want to stay at! I made my goal here to greet everybody and to make as many friends as I possibly can. Making someone feel welcomed makes their day a whole lot brighter and makes you feel good as well. :)

We should all be nice and friendly to each other instead of mean and rude to each other (none of you are that! I'm just making a point). Being kind to someone is easier than hating someone. Thanks! :D

TL;DR: Be nice to each people and they will be nice to you.