Okay so recently people have been resigning. They're looking for new mods and admins who can fit!! There's 2 spots open for mod and they're thinking about promoting a mod! How cool is that?!

Requirements for Mod:

  • The ability to lick your elbow.
  • Must be a graduate from Hogwarts.
  • Must be able to say "toy boat" 5 times fast.
  • The ability to do "The Sponge".
  • Must have no less than 999,999 edits.

Requirements for Admin:

  • You must go to the nearest Walmart.
  • Ask for "Walter".
  • The customer service will give you a map.
  • When you hold the map to the sun, a hidden message will be revieled.
  • Thank the employee 
  • At 8 o' clock pm, follow the map
  • You must have a turkey sandwich with tomatoes, also pickles in the right pocket of your pants.
  • You will see a bear.
  • Give him the sandwich.
  • He will give you an 8 digit passcode for Adminship.
  • Become an Admin!

Wow! I found how to get  the "founder" title on your profile!!

  • Pay me, Honorable Chairman, $5,000
  • Give me your password, creditcard number, address, social security number, and your ID
  • Cancel your home security
  • Hire a hitman to "retrive the coconut from the monkey" (don't worry this is code name for something)
  • Don't really do this. xD