Have you ever wondered about the myseries of Ooo? If Susan Stong is a human? What was life like before the Mushroom War? Well thats what im here for! I will be offering my services. I will try to figure out the unanswered questions!

Heres what wil happen:

1. You post a question about Adventure Time (ex. Is Susan Strong a human?)

2. I will reply if I think I can answer that question ( I will find out from sources like Formspring or from watching the episode and more)

3. You wait ( it may take a couple of days to gather info)

4. I ANSWER! ( I will post what info I have gathered)

If you have any questions and stuff, you could ask me on chat or my talk page.

If you would like to join me, please do! All you have to do is post a comment or post on my talk page! Anyone can help and join!

If you would like to join, here are some sources that you can gather info from:

  1. - These are mostly pictures but you could find something useful
  2. - Pen's Website (Idk about this one but...)
  3. - You can ask the Adventure Time Crew but don't overdo it
  4. - Hehe Yeah...
  5. - Watch some clips and stuff
  6. - Yep, theres another Adventure Time community, and they may have some valueble info.