I know hes probably not gonna see this but this is my sad attempt to convince Flambo the Epic to come back.

Flambo, I mean I dont really know you in real life but I bet we'd be friends and stuff and I know what happened to you and I know you're upset and all but I really want you to stay here cause It would'nt be the same without you. I know you told me not to meddle in and stuff and I know that it you wont change your mind, but Im just so desperate to have you here that I made this anyways.

You and 27 are like my bestest friends here and I dont want it to end like this. I'm not even gonna be here im your not here >_< im really sorry if I did anything to cause you to leave and i'm really am. Please, Flambo. This blog is my last resort and if your not gonna come back here, i'll go to reg show wiki too.

  • BLUGO:Are you still gonna be lumping back in AT?

  • ME: um

  • ME: idk

  • ME: prob not

  • BLUGO: Why not?

  • ME: idk i just dont like it there

  • ME: anymore

  • ANON: Eh. You are so gonna miss me.

  • ME:LOL

  • ME: i'll probs be on chat tho

  • BLUGO: Oh Beemo, don't leave

  • ME: i dunno

  • ME: some wcs drive me insane

  • ME: and flambo and 27 arnt there

  • BLUGO: Eh, Flambo is sometimes annoying.

  • ME: idk me and flambo were besties

  • ME: i never saw him as anoying

  • BLUGO: You still have us.

  • BLUGO: Like Oda.

  • BLUGO: You two are like besties.

  • ME: But me and flambo

  • ME: are like the besties of the besties its different

  • BLUGO: Oh.

  • ME: Yeah

  • ME: so now he left

  • ME: and i dont see any reason for me to be there

  • BLUGO: Nah, you can have new friend.

  • ME: but not as cool as flambo
  • BLUGO: Beemo, Rawr is my best friend like OH GLOB. And she left.
  • BLUGO: Did I even leave?
  • ME: no
  • BLUGO: See.
  • BLUGO: Beemo?

We had some good time here huh...

Beemo leaving

I guess its the other way around now huh?

717px-HNI 0028

It's happy Smoothie, Beemo, me, and Flambo...on duty

HNI 0032

I forgot the duck :T

HNI 0034

I love you guys and I tottaly mean this in a non kissy kissy way

HNI 0075