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Rules of the Adventure Time Wiki

Beemo February 3, 2013 User blog:Beemo
  • /b/ and /tg/ are acceptable
  • Do not hate on bubbline. DO NOT.
  • Sayng random words on chat is better than no words at all.
  • We frown upon spam and advertisement.
  • All trolls will be burned alive and eaten with salad on the side.
  • Some people here date.... It's complicated. Don't ask.
  • Princess Cadence is better than Princess Luna.
  • We only stalk the mailman. You are the mailman.
  • Finn's hair is awesome. No arguments.
  • Genderswap shipping is UNACCEPTABLE
  • Reference characters and episodes. Referencing is good. It is funny.
  • Memes are funny. They are hilarious. Make some.
  • The wikia contributors are/act like 8 year olds. You can mock them or be mature and drown them in huge text walls.
  • No, Wikia Familys are not real. They are not new. They are not cool. Do not blog about them.
  • We don't care if you became a brony or a pegasister. Do not blog about that.
  • Correcting someone's grammar and spelling means you lost the arguement.
  • Comment when unnecessary. Always complement.

Finnish later :P

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