Ok so a lot of people have been asking about these or have missed out on them and I think that right now, making one would benefit the community the most by making us all connected :)

All you have to do is comment what you want to be and will add you to the list below!!

Note: It doesn't have to be family related you can be like the mailman or something!

Wiki Family

  • SliceTHEcake - paperboy who delivers the newspaper woohoo!
  • Sek - the supa spicy hot wife playa noona
  • Bellamy - friendly neighborhood undertaker!!!
  • Cara - Weird quiet girl next door who does not talk to anyone whatsoever except for liek one person but is secretly rlly rlly nice!!!!
  • DarKingdomHearts - The Wicked Witch of the West who is the half-sister of the Evil Queen, who is in a relationship with Robin Hood, and daughter of The Queen of Hearts, and the Evil Queen being the adoptive of a boy who is the son of the savior, who is in a relationship with Captain Hook, and is the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming, and the boy being also the grandson of Rumplestiltskin, who is the son of Peter Pan, and is in a relationship with Belle. woahhh
  • Hero Boy - 3rd cousin twice removed :)) also mahh dawgggg
  • Loygansono -  the awkward and weird but wise, kind, and generally good-spirited brother and friend to all :)
  • HS - my son ; o ; im so proud 
  • FA - ALF or whatever idk man :99
  • Fioleeflights - strong independent woman B))
  • RoseSweets - mysterious cousin that is secretly a duck (quack quack) 
  • Tepip - the puppy!!!!!
  • Hyper CP - uncle that's just... there (not forgotten tho)
  • JosephStalin86 - my father (i knew it!!)
  • M0T0RB1K3 - impoRTANT PERSON ily man *strokes ur face*
  • Perrystar2272 - person that lives in my closet,,, om g what 
  • Odaceus - uNCLE ODA reborned???? sOmething 
  • MComics - u the crazy aunt again bae
  • Brian camba - long lost brother (not anymore! c:)
  • LadyShokokokoro (thats my nAme 4 u *winks at you*) - family's black cat that goes into random people's backyards and just does whatever
  • OS - great grampappy bakaegg iM nOt tsundere omg;;
  • Lan Fan - hte cat!! the cutie cat!!
  • Bro Strider - son (man it feels good 2 b a gangsta)
  • PG sENpi - cousin who has a full moustache even though hes in kindergarden. o m g why 
  • Ace - Nicholas Angel the neighborhood cop B)
  • Levi - Sek's kitty cat meow!
  • YS/ Aligator x)) - cool kid down the street that gets noise complaints because of his garage band. B) also he watches me sleep wt h 
  • Flambuu - Crazy uncle who talks only in noots and thinks he's a cross between John Lennon, Jesus, and Bill Nye and plays the sax. beautiful
  • Sweetdeath/SD - Cara's older brother (nice!!)
  • llona:) (sO sweet tho omg) - the wise mustached cat C: that steals everything....everything
  • NightFalcon9004 (rlly important person yO) -  the brother who eats all the food from the fridge...especially Loygan's food 

RIP Sek's chicken burrito :'(