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oh no thy break up!!!!!!???!!?!????!

Beemo August 10, 2013 User blog:Beemo

fin and FP break up so that means the show will suck u kno why because they break up!!!! Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!! fin is chasing princes bublegum now jus lik befor so yah.

THER IS FIGHTING IN THE SHOW?????? mayb I shud not watch it anymor because so much fight. too much fite, nothing good comes from fite. if the show not have fight then it's a good show. If there is fight it is a bad show!!!!!!!!!!

I hat FP becaus she brok up wit fin!!!!!! finn has no lov and I wil only watch when finn has a lov interest. only good development comes from love interest. ONLY WAY!!!!!!

also I hat pb becaus she lovs finn again after fin and FP break up really princess!?????????

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