Marceline is a character in Adventure Time she is one of the main characters. Not to mention she is 1,000 years old! Marceline was first introduced in the episode "Evicted" the episode was about that Jake was trying to scare Finn by telling him scary stories about Vampires. Then Marceline comes to there home and Finn and Jake got really scared. But then after Finn realizes that she isn't so bad that she just loves to play around. But Jake is still uncertain if weather to trust her or not because she is a vampire. But then the episode changes when she tells them to get out of her house. Finn and Jake were confused and then she explains that thats her house and then shows them an "M" carved in the tree. She kicks them out of there house and threw them there stuff. Finn gets mad and wants to fight her but then Jake is explains that vampires are unpredictable. So he says that they should go "house hunting" so they can try to find a new home (not to mention right at that moment it was raining). Finn finally agress and after Jake says "things will be finally going our way" and then the rain stopped after that Jake says "see told ya". They go to some houses but most of them already have people in them (a song was playing at the same time as they were looking for a home). Then the songs says "oh Marceline why do you have to be so mean" and then Marceline responds (not physically just on the side of the screans she says "I'm not mean i'm a thousand years old, and I just lost track of my moral code". Then the songs says "oh Marceline can't you see these guys are in pain?" marceline responds "no i can't i'm invested in this very cute video gaaame (bmo)". When the song is finally over they finally find a home in a cave it is not the best place in the world but it was alright for them. They were so happy that they found a home that they even through a party and invited all of there friends. Everybody was happy that they had found a new home. But then something horrible happened Marceline came back! The worst part is that she tells them to get out of her house and then she shows them a "M" on a rock. Finn gets really mad but Jake tries to force him to leave her alone Finn thinks about it and then says "YOU KNOW WHAT MARCELINE I DON'T CARE IF YOU TAKE ALL OF OUR HOUSES JAKE IS MY HOME ANYWAY". Marceline thinks about what to say and then says "okay then i'll just have him instead" she grabs Jake. Finn gets really mad and then Jake gets bit by Marceline and Finn goes to attack her. Then he gets mad and tries to beat up Marceline then Marceline gets mad and turns into a bat. She attacks Finn and also she laughs while she does it! Finn hurts Marceline and then she says "that actually hurt finn" then she was about to bite Finn and while she does that she turns back to normal. When Finn though that he was going to die instead he got kissed on the cheek! Finn blushes but is also confused he asks her why she didn't kill him she responds "because that was fun woah i have done that in years!". Jake then appears Finn was confused and then Jake says that he used his power to suck down his guts. Marceline responds "you guys are pretty hard core". Finn answers "does this mean that we can get our old home back? he said shuddering. Marceline thought about it and said "yeah you can have like a gift from me!". Finn and Jake go to there old home and find worms everywhere they tell them to get out but then this huge worm shoots a lazer out of his eyes and says "hug me" and they both do as there told.