The Title Says Three, But There Are Four Different Endings To Come Finn and Jake are out walking in some forest, and Jake is reading pre-war fairy tales from a book he found. There are only two stories that weren't too damaged to read, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White. Jake is trying to get Finn to listen.

"Come on, man, these stories are really good!" Jake says.

"You can only read two of them, and they both have the same ending! The princess is in a coma, her true love comes and kisses her, and they live 'happily ever after'. What does that even mean, anyway?" Counters Finn. Jake is about to reply when the adventurerurs spot a wizard casting spells on innocent Fluffy People.

"Hey! Hey, stop that, man! What did those Fluffy People do to you?" Finn yells at the wizard.

"Nothing, dude. I'm evil." The wizard says, and then continues to torment the Fluffy People. Finn then hides the Fluffy People behind his back and says "If you want to mess with these little guys, you have to go through me!!"

"No problem." Says the wizard, and then casts a sleep spell on him. It shows Finn falling and closing his eyes, and the wizard walking away to torment more innocent beings.

"OH MY GLOB!! Finn, wake up man! You gotta wake up!!" Yells Jake. "Oh, glob, what do I do?" Jake asks himself.

"Dude, you gotta get him home." Says a random Fluffy Person with a surfer accent. "Good idea!" Says Jake, then he grows giant and carries Finn back to the tree fort. Once there, Jake takes out his fairy tale book again. Then an idea comes to him. "Hey, in these stories, when the royal's true love kisses them, they wake up! Maybe it will work in reverse!"

Ending One

As Jake is about to go running out the door, he is startled by the sight of a random girl sitting on the couch playing Beemo. "Who are you and what are you doing in our house?!" he yells.