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  • Bettypetrikov

    Now this is speculation. I am not saying this is true and I have no evidence for this. On the other hand nobody has evidence against this either.

    So now that that's out of the way, I would like to share my headcanon. Now I want you to think about Ice King's crown. What do we know about it? almost nothing. We may know that it was once owned by a dock worker and that it is also what caused Simon to go insane, and that it has feelings, but we don't really know anything about the crown itself. Who made it? Was it always a crown? Is it REALLY evil?

    So I am going to answer these questions to the best of my ability using as much logic as I can and how little things that we know about it.

    Who made it? This one is kind of a blank. Wwe don't know much …

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  • Bettypetrikov

    First off, I would like to say that I have nothing against Marceline. I would just like some things explained about her and why she is so popular.

    Well I really don't get the episodes in which she is most highly praised for. I get one or two but personally, while her backstory is pretty much complete, I feel her personality leaves alot to be desired. She is still just as emotional from It came from the nightosphere to What was missing, to I remember you. 

    I feel that in it came from the nightosphere she was pretty selfish but if they want that to be her personality then fine. She is very emotional in that episode and it gives the viewer a taste into her past. I really liked the way it really introduced her true personality and left room for …

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  • Bettypetrikov


    June 6, 2013 by Bettypetrikov

    I hope this becomes popular blog so I popular! :D

    So I must say. LSP is, in my (and of course your) opinion (Was fact, actually), the best princess in Adventure Time. Why is it you ask? Because, student, LSP is sexy and is lumpy. And her voice... just... OMG.

    Now for LSP picturespam adoration.

    Edit: Recently, there is of blog named PB Blog! :D and FP BLOG! :D. Now, to further glorify LSP, this blog will now have 4 additional pictures! :D

    Take THAT lesser Princesses

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  • Bettypetrikov

    Look I have to say this because this has been getting on my nerves for a while now and I think that maybe this will help me some.

    Okay so the problem I am facing is: What is going on with Adventure Time right now? I mean siriously there are so many pointless episodes in a row nowadays that it seems like striking gold when an actually worth while one appears. Look I know that AT is made for random humor and stuff but I really miss times when we didn't have to wait half a season for some kind of episode that somehow affected the characters afterwards.

    Look, I don't need an episode like that every time but I don't want to wait for half of season 5 for an episode that is not forgotten or pointless the next one. If you think about it the episodes…

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  • Bettypetrikov

    Okay so I was thinking about the egg that BMO had and I guess it was supposed to be odd/funny but you know in BMO lost how BMO is going to get married to the bubble but then Jake pops it and since they didn't experience the whole thing they didn't think it was anything.

    So that left me thinking what if the egg BMO had really DID have a human baby and it just was not developed (I know humans don't come out of eggs but this is AT).

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