Look I know I can't be the only one thinking this so here it goes....we are in a desperate need of more Betty in adventure time.

Look I know what you may say but let me assure you that just because Betty comess back does not make Simon coming back absolutley certain. She may interact with him or try, maybe she will avoid him altogether. I just want to see how she would feel about him if she saw him again. Would she be mad? Would she know it was him? Would she be mutated or not?And if she was mutated would we recognize her? Why am I asking you all of these things?

I mean she may be alive dispite what is probably assumed. I mean obviously some humans lived or Finn wouldn't be here so there is always a chance. Maybe she is sleeping in a containment unit or maybe she found the secret to eternal life.

THere are theories that Betty is ice queen but I'm really hoping that is not true because first: Ice Queen iis fictional and is in IK's head. Some people can say "Oh but maybe IK made a world around her through his memories of her somewhere.", but to that I say "Ha!", for if he made the world around her she would be more involved in the story and put as less of a vilian. Also IK would ahve a shrine room to her not Fionna and Cake.

look if you ask me personally I think she is the pink blob in Simon and Marcy (just a thought). Because we all thought it was PB and it has been confirmed not to be so now so that leaves an open window to theories. Who knows what that blob is but to me it's either a decendent of PB or Betty.

Also does anyone else wonder about what IK did to Betty? I would love to see that in a future episode (I mean that in the most innocent and curious way possible).