First off, I would like to say that I have nothing against Marceline. I would just like some things explained about her and why she is so popular.

Well I really don't get the episodes in which she is most highly praised for. I get one or two but personally, while her backstory is pretty much complete, I feel her personality leaves alot to be desired. She is still just as emotional from It came from the nightosphere to What was missing, to I remember you. 

I feel that in it came from the nightosphere she was pretty selfish but if they want that to be her personality then fine. She is very emotional in that episode and it gives the viewer a taste into her past. I really liked the way it really introduced her true personality and left room for her to grow.

I was sadly mistaken in What was missing where I assumed she would be less emotional, but there is a difference. In it came from the nightosphere she has a more logical reason for being emotional. I feel she should have sucked it up (no pun intended) and tried to save Ooo, but I wasn't THAT mad. In What was missing she overreacts to basically NOTHING. PB never judged her. She simply said that she didn't like Marceline referring to sucking her face. I personally wouldn't like that either. She totally explodes saying that PB is always trying to get her to be perfect (which is not seen in Go with me at all). PB was pretty rational and resonalble most of the episode. I just didn't like this episode.

In I remember you Marceline reunites with Ice King who we find out was her father figure for a few years during the mushroom war. it is revealed that she has been avoiding IK for all of this time. going as far as face to face telling him "Don't come around me.", this really irks me. I know that you miss Simon and you don't wanna spend time with the different him, but really? When he needs you the most you're willing to keep him away from you to avoid facing your fears? Why? I know it's scary to face someone after they changed, but after all he did for you...... I can't imagine abandoning my dad if he got Alzheimers no matter how soon in my childhood he changed.

Maybe I'm biased because I really am not into the people who are rebels simply to be rebels. I just want someone to shed some light on this issue. I am open to all corrections and if you wanna tell me how heartless I am go ahead. I am just really curious about this character.