I know this is a bit early but I just had to share these thoughts before someone else did sorry.

Well as we all know the suitor (an upcoming episode of AT) will most likely be a more romantic episode which will also most likely make it about Finn and FP because well they have alot of ship fans. I have to ask though is anyone else hoping it will be about another couple ( I mean any would work but IK would be like awesomesauce)? I'm not saying I hate FinnxFP because I don't but they have had some dvelopment togehter and before they go any farther with their relationship I would like to see more separate development. We know some about FP but seeing more would help us better understand their personalities and how they go together and what their differences are.

I have to say a suprise IK relationship episode is just what I need right now because with all the refences AT is doing to the past seasons I think that seeing IK do the "stealing princesses" thing again would be a litle uplifting. 

So when you comment answer me this: 

who do you think the episode will be about?

Who do you WANT the episode to be about (please say why)?

and do you think it's going to be a good episode?