I have been thinking about a question I asked myself a while ago....Why is FP unstable? Now, before I begin I must say that you turn off the Pb chat. If you think PB did it your wrong. Why would she do it. She probably did not know Finn when she locked her up and it would be selfish and cruel if she did it which is not PB.

Now , I think that maybe FP's mom somehow in some way had something to do with it. It had to come from somewhere and maybe.....It was her moms death.Here is the theory:

Now Fp's mom and dad were in love and decided to have a child. But they didn't know that Fp's mom had some weird new illness that killed when in love or something similar. So FP's mom lived just long enough to give birth and then died. Fp contracted the illness to but it was much worse in her and it ended up killing everyone if she had ANY romantic contact. So PB said to Flame King that if he didn't lock FP up she would die like his wife. Obviously he agreed and locked her up. But because he is evil he really didn't care if FP went out. And now it is pretty much up to date.