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  • BigHurkinDirtWave

    Heyo all!

    I know this is technically not Adventure Time-related, but it is cartoon-related.

    You like cartoons? Well, do you?!

    Then you should check out my newest YouTube show called EyeofSol, where I examine and elaborate on various animated series an movies, old and new! Only one episode has been uploaded so far, but a second one is in the works, and many more will follow!

    If you like hearing a different take on something you love, give it a watch! I greatly appreciate any and all support I can get, and I'm trying to build up a larger audience!

    First episode is about Sym-Bionic Titan:

    Thank you for reading this, and enjoy! :D

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  • BigHurkinDirtWave

    Hello all!

    I know this isn't really Adventure Time-related, but it is cartoon-related.

    I am currently running a Kickstarter project to produce a pilot for an animated television drama called "Tomorrow", and I am just looking for support wherever I can!

    Here is a link to the project:

    The series premise is inspired by Samurai Jack, Lost Odyssey, and Adventure Time. The pilot will be produced by Toon City Animation, located in Manila, Phillipines, as long as funding can be obtained. It's an expensive project to fund an 11-minute pilot production, but I hope that I can find enough people who are craving a real, adult animated series that isn't a comedy. It's a series des…

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  • BigHurkinDirtWave

    Finn has been shown a few times throughout the series' run to be able to have prophetic dreams (dreams that involve the Cosmic Owl in some way). However, the one that has the greatest significance is the one that occurs in "Frost & Fire", yet I find it difficult to believe that the Cosmic Owl is merely phophesying Finn and Flame Princess's breakup.

    So then, what was the Cosmic Owl really trying to tell Finn?

    In my view, I believe that the Cosmic Owl was foretelling something much more significant, as evidenced by the chain of events listed below, that take place after Finn's dream in "Frost & Fire".

    This is merely speculation as of now, but all of the events listed take place in the show's canon by broadcast, not by production order.

    "Earth & …

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  • BigHurkinDirtWave

    After the broadcast of "Breezy", I began to notice a trend in Finn's behavior (particularly in Season 5). These trends led me to further researching, and ultimately, I have concluded that Finn's behavior very closely correlates to a personality disorder known as "Borderline Personality Disorder". Here listed is the collected data to back up my claim, with bullet points linking to each occurence in the series' run up to "Furniture & Meat".

    Please note that this list has massive spoilers.

    Borderline Personality Disorder is a cluster-B personality disorder that often manifests itself during adolescence, and can be brought on by numerous influences, including genetics, brain abnormalities, and adverse childhood experiences. BPD is defined in any…

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