Here's some fun facts about some things.

  • Marge simpson from The simpsons and Gerald from Hey arnold have the same hairstyle!
  • Stewie Griffin from Family guy and Arnold from Hey arnold have the same head shape!
  • Noone even thought about any relationships between High five ghost from Regular show and Carrie from TAWOG. (Not love relationships just like family relation, since they both were born as ghosts)
  • Did you know the music of TAWOG and Adventure time are similar...........
  • Regular show was almost going to be called "Normal show".
  • In the CGI spongebob christmas special, the CGI animation is similar to the Truth or Square's theme song.
  • You know how people say Adventure time and Spongebob are competing for viewers? They are certaintly not wrong. 
  • According to my records, christmas is being mentioned mysteriously 89% earlier than last year.