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A Bit Angry Right Now At Someone I Won't Mention

Me: Hello everyone...

11:05 Aurastorm1 hey

11:06 Bizzib & Bizzybee Jr. Hello AUra

How are you?

11:06 Sekeid'ah-UuaDliles hay Biz


11:06 Bizzib & Bizzybee Jr. ...


Hey Sek.

11:06 Sekeid'ah-UuaDliles looool

11:06 Bizzib & Bizzybee Jr. You...

11:06 Sekeid'ah-UuaDliles :D


11:06 Bizzib & Bizzybee Jr. Now I'm really mad at you.

11:06 Sekeid'ah-UuaDliles y 4?


11:07 Bizzib & Bizzybee Jr. You pulled a trick. I'm not kidding as to how mad I am.

I'm not going to listen to you no more, it is not worth it.


PresidentFrenando has entered the Nightosphere!

You are now away.

11:08 PresidentFrenando Hey, guys

I'm home from school

Playing Happy Wheels

You are no longer away.

11:08 Bizzib & Bizzybee Jr. Oh hello!


11:08 PresidentFrenando First time playing it

11:08 Bizzib & Bizzybee Jr. Happy WHeels?

11:09 PresidentFrenando SO MUCH FUN

11:09 Bizzib & Bizzybee Jr. Oh. That

11:09 PresidentFrenando

11:09 Bizzib & Bizzybee Jr. That's cool.

Perrystar2272 has entered the Nightosphere!

11:10 Bizzib & Bizzybee Jr. Hello Perrystar2272

11:10 PresidentFrenando LOAAD

Sabahwashere has entered the Nightosphere!

11:10 Bizzib & Bizzybee Jr. Hello

11:10 PresidentFrenando LOAAAD, DARN IT!

11:10 Bizzib & Bizzybee Jr. Hello Perry

11:11 PresidentFrenando Oh whatsaever

It's a really fun game

I'm pretty bad at it though

11:12 Sekeid'ah-UuaDliles SABAH


11:12 Bizzib & Bizzybee Jr. ...

11:12 Sekeid'ah-UuaDliles and so it began


11:13 Bizzib & Bizzybee Jr. Not funny. I will never forgive you.

Master of the masters has entered the Nightosphere!

11:14 Bizzib & Bizzybee Jr. I'm ignoring you.

11:14 Master of the masters hi all

11:14 Bizzib & Bizzybee Jr. Hello Master of the masters

Sekeid'ah-UuaDliles is trying to escape the Nightosphere!

11:14 Bizzib & Bizzybee Jr. Bye Sek

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