Finn, what happened!?! In my opinion Fubblegum needs to be brought back. I know Finn is happy with Flame Princess and PB broke his heart but I know she can make things right. Preebos knows what is right for Finn and after all she is good and not destructive. She sets a proper example for everyone. This Princess is very devoted to her kingdom and does not burn them down for whispering. If Finn wants beautiful, PB can give him beautiful. A beautiful heart. I know deep down she loves her flawless champion but just doesn't have time for romance. I'm sorry if I bashed Flame Princess it's just that I'm upset. "You're a hero Finn, You're my hero" Remember that? That is the sound of compassion not only for Finn but for the whole world. I hope you see my point. Auf Wiedersien! (I'm not German)