hey guys

I don't know if these kind of blogs are allowed, so feel free to take it down if it's against the rules.

I have devastating news to deliver.

A few days ago. Nihi, Blugo and I recently talked about our one and only very radical and awesome, Marcaline (aka Maira), she wrote suicidal things on a specific social media and we have came in conclusion that she has committed suicide, but it was unconfirmed.

Today I have recently found out that it is true.

It has been confirmed that Marcaline has passed away due to self harm.

May she rest in peace.

It has been stated on her tumblr:

I am sorry. I cannot go on anymore. And it’s okay. Because I have no more pain. I am not hurt anymore
I am at peace. And it’s fine this way. Good night, good day, good life! Goodbye. #suicide #im dead #suicide note #goodbye #im sorry

the message can be viewed here here

We have lost a truly great part of the wiki, and I am truly devastated for her.

She had made a big impact on the wiki, and she has been one of the greatest users ever here. She had made a difference. She has done great things for people, and looked out for each of us. Fought for homo-rights, and all the things she's done was splendid. She had made a difference. She was one of the first people to greet me on chat. Without her I don't know what this wiki would be like.

I'd like to say thank you, I am grateful of all the things you've done Mai.

And I'd like to say.

We love you. We miss you. Goodbye.