First of all, I know I am risking my whole account to just to state my opinion on another popular issue in this wiki. And I'm doing it for a clear reason, and it's injustice.

I have been on this wiki for 2 years and for all I know, the word JERK has never been not allowed. I've said it numerous times and so as my fellow users. Our dear friend, KnightPommegranite, has got banned for 3 MONTHS for just saying jerk. It's name calling, yes. But 3 months?! ARE YOU EVEN SANE?! What freaking reason gave you the right to ban her for 3 months? You're overusing your power, FIame Princess. YES I SAID YOUR NAME BECAUSE YOU DESERVE IT. I think 1 week to 1 month of banishment wouldn't hurt anyone's feelings. Do you so called "bureaucrats" even have a heart? If you dont, how are you still alive? Feel your left chest, and you should know that you DO have one. Humanity, for God's sake, that kid has cancer.

FP, you have said that it was Tavis's choice, I know that YS told me.

Tavis, I totally know you have a heart, shorten her ban. She didn't do what Blugo did to the Glee wiki, and he got banned for that amount of time there. (So sorry Blugo if you're reading this, we're still buds right? You're cool bro, you know that)

She may have deserved the one week ban that Tavis made, but 3 months? NO. FP increased the ban length due to past offenses. WHAT?! PAST DUDE PAST. Here's a bridge, now get over it. I've got a full cup for ya, now shut the full cup (nigahiga reference hellyea). BUT SERIOUSLY, this has gotten out of hand, because never have I ever raised my voice and stood up for someone that could risk my whole account. NEVER. People here have been banned for 3 days the first, and 1 day the second. The past doesn't matter, they learnt their lessons. What matters is today. The past is history, we all learnt our lessons, now go have some humanity. You have clearly done an offense too you know, abuse of power. And that's just wrong, ANY of us could report to a staff to get you demoted, FP. I know you don't want it, neither do I. So please have some humanity and respect. Thank you for your consideration.