So this is basically a collaboration of The Hunger Games, Battle Royale and Adventure Time. We have this all planned out way before anybody decided to copy our idea, we had all of it planned out this 2 months before I posted this blog. It's a project by 3 users, a Battle Royale fan (Some fan) a The Hunger Games fan (Ninja Fionna (Fionnafan)) and a The Hunger Games-Battle Royale fan (BloodHunter99)--though I like THG more than BR :P--

So the concept of everything is based on all of them. We have a prologue and everything. We will also have AT weapons since other weapons aren't allowed. We will also have Career Trbutes. Sounds simple enough? GREAT!!! MAY THE ODDS BE EVER IN YOUR FAVOR


  • No cussing
  • Enter a tribute-student related to AT, with names like AT characters (preferably surnames)
  • Maximum of 6 tributes per user
  • No complaining if your tribute dies, only one comes out alive
  • Use the format we have given you
  • You can sign up tributes when we already opened them
  • No wikia contributors, unless you have an account here.


The Great Mushroom War. It was a destroyer of mankind. The entire human race. All wiped out, because nuclear war. Generals and Military Heads fight to the death for power. For being supreme leader of the earth. They got to far. The whole human race. Gone. But that is what they think. Some stay underground, to survive. Some are protected to live. Only a handful of human left.

After the spectacular incident, creatures came down to earth. Candy people, soft people, fire elementalists, every creature you can name. They came. The human and foreign creatures lived in peace and harmony. Building kingdoms, but held with unity. Forming one great Land of Ooo. The whole population lived in harmony and prosperity. Joy in their lives. Happiness around them. The Land of Ooo, as the perfect place for them. But it ended. It ended. It was all happening so fast. It ended. Just after a military general--who escaped right before the greatest nuclear bomb which was called The Mushroom that killed everybody--came back to the planet.

He was probably the cruelest, most harsh villain in the Land of Ooo. He wasn't loved. Resentment, loathing, hatred from every living creature was for him. He created a machine. The Humanator. It was a machine that turns creatures into human. He got every human's DNA--including his--and put them in the machine. He called creature, every citizen, of the Land of Ooo to use The Humanator on them to turn them to human. Soon, all the creatures of the Land of Ooo are human.

He also re-opened schools. And made The Adventure Games. To remind us all what happened in The Great Mushroom War. From the simplest uprising and rebellion until the bombing of The Mushroom. It reminded us all. Reminded us very clearly.

The Adventure Games is the most cruel thing you can think of. When students reach the second semester of the 9th grade--when they are all around 13 and 14--, there is a probabilty they might join The Adventure Games. You see, the government picks a school followed by the 9th grade class in an event called The Reaping. The class is informed that they will be going on a trip, but they aren't informed it is The Adventure Games. The Adventure Games is a mandatory viewing on live TV for all the citizens of The Land of Ooo. Everyone can't bare to watch it. Parents will drown in tears. Relatives will mourn. Citizens, all of them, can't bare to watch it.

The Adventure Games is a fight to the death on live TV. 50 students--25 girls and 25 boys--will fight to the death. They will be called tributes after they have been reaped. The arena is one huge island, in the center is the huge golden horn of a rainicorn called The Horn of The Rainicornucopia or simply known as The Cornucopia. The students will have chariot rides to the training center to begin the betting. They will be escorted by one escort and a mentor--the mentor is a victor of a past Games--per tribute pair and they will also have a stylist and a prep team--they are assigned for the tribute to look good, usually the best looking tributes will get the most sponsors--per tribute. They will also have Tribute Training where every one of the tributes are given training, even if they have been trained before the Games. Every tribute will also have a Private Training Session where the gamemakers will give a score and the odds of a tribute winning. Also an interview to give sponsors a view on who they will sponsor. The tributes are given a beautiful outfit during the interview which are located right outside the training center. They will show their personality which will affect the bettings and the sponsoring. All of the events of the pre-games are a mandatory viewing for all the citizens of the Land of Ooo. Except the Tribute Training and the Private Training Session, though the results of the Private Training Session will be broadcasted. The whole pregames will last for 10 days, or 1 1/2 week

The 50 students--the tributes--are provided tracker bracelets on their arms and will be launched into the arena. Right in front of the Cornucopia. They are launched in a metal plate. The gigantic clock will count down from 60 to 1 until the gong sounds. And a voice will shout "Let The Annual Adventure Games Begin!" and all the tributes will go head to the Cornucopia to fight for the supplies. The Cornucopia is laid out with weapons, food, everything you need to survive. The closer it is to the cornucopia, the more valuable it is, the more important for surviving. Some use it as a chance to go get the supplies, some use it as a chance for killing, some escape out to the woods. It is where the initial bloodbath begins. Thus, it is called The Bloodbath of The Golden Rainicornucopia Horn or simply known as The Bloodbath of The Cornucopia. Every time a tribute falls there will be a cannon. But during the bloodbath they won't boom a cannon until the initial bloodbath is over. Roughly half of the tributes die in the initial bloodbath. When the tributes take too long to kill the gamemakers will create a danger zone--with mutts and natural disasters--to meet up 2 or more tributes, this is where hand-to-hand combat usually occurs. When a tribute needs something desperately or when the arena has a crisis of food and water, the gamemakers will invite them for a feast, usually to bring another bloodbath. When only 2 tributes are alive they will meet them up in the cornucopia to fight to the death. Once the other dies, the last tribute standing will be crowned as victor and will gain fame and fortune and will be crowned as victor.

Weapons In The Golden Rainicorn Horn of The Rainicornucopia

1. Swords

2. Crossbows and Arrows

3. Chemicals and Reaction Tubes

4. Axes

5. Spears

6. Knives

7. Sticks

8. Stones

9. ETC


The whole thing will be on an island. With The Golden Rainicorn Horn of The Rainicornucopia or simply known as The Cornucopia on the center. There will be The Candy Trees woods, The Ice Kingdom Ice Structures, The Nightospherian Woods, The Land of Lumpy Space, Caves, The Arena for "Wizard" (for the feast), The Dangerous Woods, etc. And most important of all, The Tree Fort, the place for the career tributes' campsite. The tree fort is povided with all of the luxury you need for surviving.


Grade 9 students. Age of 13-14 years old. 25 girls and 25 boys.

The tribute chart will be TBA.

May the odds be ever in your favor.