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  • BlueJhet

    Puhoy Episode

    April 3, 2013 by BlueJhet

    I looked at my tv listings, and I saw the description for the new Adventure Time episode. I can't help but share this... The next episode is the new Puhoy episode, which I have no idea what it means but it appears that the title wasn't finished. It looked like the full title of the episode was called "Puhoy Hugwolf". Puhoy HUGWOLF. If you don't remember, Hugwolf was an episode featuring the hugwolf. So are they returning the hugwolf character??? But I'm also thinking that my cable mistakened the title and the episode was gonna consist of the new episode Puhoy, and the old episode Hugwolf. But there's usually a semilcolen in between the two episodes, so perhaps the full episode is called Puhoy Hugwolf. Featuring the Hugwolf. I think I'm mis…

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  • BlueJhet

    I hate to nitpick, but I just need to ask... I looked at Princess Bubblegum's age and Finn's age. It appears that Finn's age in the debut of the series, he was thirteen. Now he's fifteen, apparently. Here's the question. Princess Bubblegum was 18 when the series started. And she's STILL 18. I'm just wondering if Pendleton Ward has not really confirmed or updated the age yet or if he's purposely trying to keep PB 18. Is she not aging? Or has Pendleton Ward not confirmed it. I'm leaning more that Pendleton Ward hasn't said it yet, but again, I'm just nitpicking. Any thoughts???

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  • BlueJhet

    So I just watched too young, and i think, there was something seriously important... Here it is:

    Jake said something when he was playing his video game, and I think it was foreshadowing. He said Finn would have to defeat the demon lord, maybe travel to different worlds, take his magic key from the water world, walk up the wizard stairs and give the princess a smooch.

    GET IT??? The demon lord is the Lich! And Finn is already traveling to different worlds. And smooching the princess... Now it could be bubblegum, considering it was in the episode "Too Young" which is a fubblegum episode. but it could as well mean it's Flame Princess. I don't know, but I think there's some serious foreshadowing happening here...

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  • BlueJhet

    Whether if you're a flinn or a fubblegum, everyone needs to stop hatin'. I love both ships, but people are saying, Princess bubblegum's evil and princess bubblegum is SOOO jealous. We can't seriously conclude that. But anyways, bubblegum is smart and pretty and all that stuff, she just isn't the right one for finn. I just don't like it when people are hating, because it also offends other people.

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