I looked at my tv listings, and I saw the description for the new Adventure Time episode. I can't help but share this... The next episode is the new Puhoy episode, which I have no idea what it means but it appears that the title wasn't finished. It looked like the full title of the episode was called "Puhoy Hugwolf". Puhoy HUGWOLF. If you don't remember, Hugwolf was an episode featuring the hugwolf. So are they returning the hugwolf character??? But I'm also thinking that my cable mistakened the title and the episode was gonna consist of the new episode Puhoy, and the old episode Hugwolf. But there's usually a semilcolen in between the two episodes, so perhaps the full episode is called Puhoy Hugwolf. Featuring the Hugwolf. I think I'm mistaken but I'm just wondering.