Day 1- Favorite character

  • My favorite character would be LSP. So Lump Off! No need for futher explanation. K.

Day 2- Favorite episode

  • My favorite would be "What was Missing," because you can see the trust and frendship between Finn, Jake, Princess Bubblegum and Marceline. And Marceline's song, "I'm Just Your Problem, " is a song that I can relate to. :3
What was Missing Title Card

Day 3- Character you wouldn’t mind being roommates with

  • A character I wouldn't mind being roommates would be Princess Bubblegum because I wub Science and Math. That is all. And I will not eat her hair XD

Day 04 - Favorite genderbend character

  • My favorite genderbend character would be Fionna, because of her strong personality along with Cake, we can see that even though she's a girl, she is able to fight villains and be a good heroine in the episode, "Fionna and Cake."

Day 05 - Least favorite character

  • My least favorite character is the Cute King. He is not cute at all and a big meanie. But the other troops of his, are pretty cute :3. I hope you respect my opinion

Day 06 - Least favorite episode

  • My least favorite episode would be "Blood Under the Skin." It's pretty much boring and uninteresting. And Sir Slicer is kinda creepy. Anyways, I hope you respect my opinion again :D
Titlecard S2E4 bloodundertheskin

Day 07 - Favorite villain

  • My favorite villain would be the "Ice King," because of his powers, awesomeness and he is very funny sometimes. He may be mean sometimes, but still he has a pure heart. I think some people can relate to. As being the antagonist of the show, the Ice King may be the best villain ever!

Day 08 - Why you like Adventure Time

  • I like Adventure Time because it's pure AWESOME, the characters are GREAT, it's for everyone, not just for kids or even adults but it's for EVERYONE. I also like Adventure Time because it's always EPIC and the episodes are really UNIQUE.

Day 09 - How you got into Adventure Time

  • Well, while channel surfing, I stopped in CN. And this new show is like "WOW." Because, I know this is only in the US. And I was like, gonna watch this. The first ever episode I ever watched was "When Wedding Bells Thaw." It was a cool episode, where the Ice King has a bachelor party, meeting with new people and like fighting them and making them angry. I can say that, from that day on, I am so gonna watch this everyday.
When Wedding Bells Thaw Title Card

Day 10 - Your opinion on the genderbend universe

  • I can say that the genderband universe is really, really fascinating. With our favorite characters in different genders. It mostly appeals to the fans because it's a new different way. In "Fionna and Cake." there is a twist, like Prince Gumball being the Ice Queen and in the end it was all Ice King's Fan Fiction Story :3

Day 11 - Favorite pairing

  • It's their friendship, from "Go With Me" up to "What was Missing," it is shown that friendship is strong and develops even more. I like the pairing "Bubbline" because of the two having a deeper and good relationship with each other. Even though they are the opposite or like that they still get along pretty well.

Day 12 - Least favorite pairing

  • My least favorite paring would be Fubblegum because Finn is "Too Young." Nuff said.
S1e1 imperfect dercorpesnator serum

Day 13 - Your thoughts about the Mushroom War

  • My thoughts about the Mushroom War is that it's all fascination, theories and history. It's pretty great when we unravel some parts or even discoveries. That's why Adventure Time is great.

Day 14 - Have you ever cosplayed Adventure Time?

  • A BIG NO!

Day 15 - Least favorite villain

  • My least favorite villain would be the Scorcher, it's because he doesn't speak and he doesn't like smile. He is always serious and always focuses in his job. Just so not cool.

Day 16 - If you could change one thing about your favorite character, it would be…

  • Nothing. Because the characters are uniques in different ways. Why should I change them if they are being themselves.

Day 17 - Character you would date if you could

  • Marceline, we shall eat shades of red and strangle some pixies together >:D

Day 18 - If you could trade lifes with any character, who would it be?

  • That character would be Peppermint Butler, I want to experience his life as being mysterious and cautious..
Peppermint Butler

Day 19 - Creepiest character

  • Ricardio is just plain creepy :/

Day 20 - Weirdest episode

  • For me it's "Another Way," those clowns are very creepy. IT'S THE ONLY WAY!:/
S3e23 disembodied Clown Nurse heads

Day 21 - Favorite moment

  • My favorite moment was in "Gotcha," which LSP discovered more things like the lumps and such. And also when PB and Marceline got together in "What Was Missing":/

Day 22 - A piece of Adventure Time fanart that you like

  • It is totes related to Glee.

Day 23 - Favorite quote

I know I mess things up sometimes, but I'm really trying and you were supposed to be my friend. Not the fake friends I have here.

—"Trouble in Lumpy Space"


Day 24 - Something you’d like to see in future episodes

  • LSP. We demand more LSP.

Day 25 - Another pairings you like

  • Let's see, Lollipop Girl and Ice Cream Guy, they are made for each other. THIS IS A PAIRING :T
S2e19 lollipop girl and icecream guy

Day 26 - Character you wouldn’t mind being for a day

  • A Character I wouldn't mind being for a day would be Marceline. It's because I like her personality and she has great taste for music.

Day 27 - Favorite song

  • The most EPIC song.
File:Marceline - I m Just Your Problem

Day 28 - Favorite thing about the land of Ooo

  • Everything.
Land of ooh

Day 29 - Do you think Finn is really the last human out there?

  • Nope.
S1e16 Finn afraid of the ocean

Day 30 - Character that is most like you

  • Right now? Marceline.
Marceline Special Lighting Evicted