Adventure Time with Finn and Jake

A Fan Fiction by Blushing Flame Princess

“Come on, Finn!” Jake shouted as he ran down the ladder of the tree house.

“Huh, what?” Finn said in confusion. He got up from his sleeping bag and slowly hauled himself down the ladder.

Jake, spilling the milk all over the floor, hurriedly poured it into the bowl full of cereal. “Eat, eat!” he yelled. BMO walked through the door. “What is all of the racket?

“Sorry, BMO! But me and Finn have somewhere to be!” Jake cried as he threw cereal into himself.

Finn perked up. “Adventure time?” he said with a smirk on his face.

“Sort of…” Jake replied.

“Sort of?’ Finn echoed, “What do you mean?”

Jake sighed. “I’ll tell you on the way. Let’s go!” Finn threw his clothes on, grabbed his pack and sword, and headed out the door along with Jake. “Hop on,” Jake said to Finn, signaling him to climb on himself. Finn jumped onto Jake, who was growing bigger and bigger. Soon, he was able to see trees as if they were the size of cute little flowers. Oh, a cute little flower. Flame Princess, will I ever see you again? Finn looked up to Jake. “Hey, Jake!”

“Yah buddy?” Jake replied.

“Where exactly are we going?” Finn asked.

“To the Candy Kingdom!”

“Huh? Why? Is the Lich back…is PB hurt? What’s going on?”

“It’s Princess Bubblegum and…” Jake was cut off by a scream as they halted in front of the Candy Kingdom. Fire was everywhere. Candy people were scattering around the kingdom, screaming in fear. “Oh glob!” Finn cried. He jumped off the smaller, normal sized Jake and headed into the kingdom. He heard screaming coming from the back of the castle. He jumped over the small flowing river and headed towards the bridge. He turned behind him to see Jake following him. He looked up onto the bridge, and his jaw dropped. Princess Bubblegum and… “Flame Princess!” He cried. She turned town to see Finn, and cried out his name in misperception. The princesses seemed to be fighting about… who knows what? “What’s wrong with me, huh?” Flame Princess cried. “You’re too dangerous for Finn!” Bubblegum cried. Flame princess hurled a fireball at bubblegum, who fell to the ground, holding her arm around a burn. “You’re too old for Finn!” FP screeched, throwing another flaming sphere. “Flame-Bubble- uhm…” Finn mumbled.

“And…” the Flame Princess continued, “you’re to nerdy for Finn.” Jake gasped. Princess Bubblegum slowly stood up with an angered look on her face. “Nerdy?” she repeated. She walked over and stuck her face out, hands on hips. “That’s what you think of me as? Nerdy?” She grabbed onto Flame Princess’ hips. She picked her up, and threw her into the river. Finn, jaw-dropped, watched Flame Princess’s fire burn out and get swooped into the current. “Flame Princess!” Finn screamed. He glanced up to Princess Bubblegum, who was breathing heavily. Finn jumped into the river, and started to swim towards the floating princess. He eventually caught up to her in the current, and grabbed onto her. He pulled her up onto ground, which was much past the candy kingdom. If he squinted his eyes, he could see the tree house. He looked back at Flame Princess, who was slowly waking up. He put his arm on her shoulder. “Are-are you okay?” Finn murmured. FP grunted and rubbed her forehead. “…Finn?” she whispered.

“Yah?” he replied.

“Where-what happened?” she asked.

“Bubblegum threw you over the bridge.”

“Oh, she thinks she so smart…”

“Um, what where you guys fighting about?” Finn asked shyly.

“Well, you…” FP rubbed her flaming hair.

“Where’s Jake?” Finn exclaimed.

“Jake?” Flame Princess questioned.

“Jake’s my brother… come on,” Finn grabbed her arm. “Ouch!” Finn said, rubbing his hand.

“Finn,” FP started. “We were fighting over you. I really do like you, Finn. And, guess what I learned!”

“What?!” Finn said excitedly.

“Hold on…” FP started to move her hands back and forth and mumble something, and then Finn turned Bluish. “Now, your fire proof. Thanks to Flambo, I used a spell on you!” Flame Princess gave Finn a warming hug. Finn blushed.


“FP-” Finn started, “So, now, we won’t hurt each other?”

“Mm hmm.” Flame Princess whispered. Finn pushed her away. “It didn’t work?” she asked.

“No, Princess, it did. But, I, uh, have something to ask you. Will you come with me to…” Finn blushed.

“What? What?” Flame Princess asked.

“To the, um, Gumbdrop Ball tomorrow?” Finn’s face turned blood red.

“Um,” FP stared at the ground.

“Only if you want to. And, um, here, I brought you this flower.” Finn shyly handed a marigold to the princess, which burned up and turned to ash.

“Finn…” FP started. “I would love to go with y-”

“YOUNG LADY!” An unknown voice cried. Flame King’s armed grasped FP’s. “Who is this buffoon? Oh, Prince of the Grasslands. Why do you think you can tamper with my daughter’s emotions?”

“Dad, leave Finn alone! He’s a sweet water elemental. And I sort him!” Flame Princess protested.

“I don’t care! Remember what he did to you? Come with me, were going home right now!

“FP! Wait! But the ball is tomorrow!” Finn cried.

“Finn!” she cried.

“I’ll come for you, Flame Princess! I’m coming!”

“Finn!”''' she cried again.

Not again…''' Finn thought.

To Be Continued....

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