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Flaming Finn

“Flame Princess!” Finn cried as the Flame King took her away. “Oh, lump! I finally act up the nerve, and-”

“Finn!” Jake grabbed Finn’s arm. “There you are, Finn! Glob, look how close to home we are! Come on, Finn.” The duo walked back to the tree house. “What happened, Finn? Is she…gone?” Jake asked.

Finn sighed. “Yah.”

“Oh, man, I’m sorry. Why don’t we throw a funeral for her?”

“What the lump, man! She’s not dead! Her dad took her!” he wacked Jake on the side of the head.

“Oh! And ow! Did you ask her to the Gumdrop Ball tomorrow?”

“Yah, but her dad told me that she can’t.” Finn slopped on the couch.

“Wanna play Blockado?” he suggested.

“Finn, I don’t wanna be with Lady at the Ball alone! come on, get a date!” Jake pulled Finn from the couch.

“Get out there and demand that you date the Flame Princess! Just… keep her away from the tree house- she’ll just burn it.”

“Your right, Jake-” Finn said softly. “I’ll be back later. You stay here.”

Finn opened the door and headed towards the Flame Kingdom.


Finn stopped and looked at the sight. He remembered that FP had cast a spell on him so he wouldn’t burn. He started to run to the Fire Palace. Flame Princess was slouching in her lamp, while the Flame King was reading “The Ooo Review.” Finn stomped through the door. “Flame King!” Finn shouted. “I wanna date your daughter!” Flame Princess perked up with a smile. “Ahh, the stubborn Prince of the Grasslands. Haven’t I already told you my answer? My daughter should only date a Fire Elemental, not a water elemental.” He turned back to his paper.

“Flame Princess, I really like you, and I don’t care what your Dad thinks of me. Will you please go to the Gumdrop Ball with me?”

“Finn, of course I- wait, you have to ask my father.” She frowned and pointed to the Flame King.

“Flame King, will you please let me date your beautiful daughter?” Finn got down on his one knee and asked.

“Hmm…” the king muttered, rubbing his chin.

“I guess, but you must not toy with her emotions, Prince.”

Finn nodded. “Yes, sir!” Finn replied as the king lowered the lamp.

“Finn! I’m soooo happy!” Flame Princess said as she hugged him.

“Oh, let me go pick out a dress! When is it? Where is it? Is your brother Jake going! Oh, my first ball!” Finn grinned.

“I can’t wait either.” He whispered.

“Finn, what time should we go?” She asked.

“I’ll come here at eight o’ clock tomorrow.” Finn said.

“Now, I have to go. I’ll see you tomorrow, okay?” he replied.

“Okay, bye prince!” she said, waving her hand back and forth in goodbye. The Flame King ignored the conversation.


Finn wearily walked back to the tree house. He opened the door, got some Snapedy-Juice, and headed towards the living room. Instead of finding Jake lazily playing Guardians of Sunshine on BMO, he met Princess Bubblegum, Marceline, Jake, BMO, and LSP circling what looked to be a portal. It was swirling around in light blue streaks. “Finn!” Princess Bubblegum walked over and put her arm on his shoulder. “What did she do to you? Are you alright? Where were you?” she asked. “I’m fine, PB. What’s this?” he walked over to the portal.

Episode 2 Pic

“That’s what we’re trying to figure out.” She replied.

“Just, use your swords are somethin, Finn!” LSP complained.

“This looks pretty dangerous, Finn…” Jake said standing a little too close. “Let’s just try-” Jake started. Suddenly, Jake tripped over one of BMO’s cords, and fell into the hole! “Jake!” Finn yelled, jumping in after him. “Finn!” PB yelled, also jumping in the hole. Marceline, LSP, and BMO shrugged and jumped in. “AAAAHHHH!” they all yelled.

What happens next? Check out part three of the series!

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