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Adventure Time with Finn, Jake, Fionna, and Cake

“AAAHHHHHHH!” LSP, PB, BMO, Marceline, Finn, and Jake screeched as they fell into the portal. Suddenly, Finn felt drowsy. He quickly fell asleep, along with the rest.

When Finn woke up, he saw what looked to be his twin- but…in girl form?
Episode 3 pic 1

“Wha- where am I?” Finn asked wearily.

“You-you’re in Aaa. Who are you?” the twin asked.

“I’m Finn the Human.” He replied.

“Who are your friends here…Finn the Human?” Finn turned around, and saw all of his friends- LSP, PB, BMO, Marceline, and Jake. They all started to wake up. Friends of the female twin came, what looked to be gender-switched versions of LSP and Marceline.

Everybody walked over to their opposite. “I’m Fionna,” the twin said to Finn. “Marshall Lee,”

“Marceline” the vampires mumbled.

“I’m Lumpy Space Prince,”

“Well, I’m Lumpy Space Princess.” The lumpy monarchs chattered.

“I’m Prince Gumball. And you are…?”

“Princess Bonnibel Bubblegum, thank you.”

“I’m Cake.”

“I’m Jake.”

“BMO!” BMO yelled. Everybody turned around to BMO.

Well, since we finished our intros, why don’t we head to the Candy Kingdom?” Fionna implied. They soon arrived at the Candy Kingdom, where the Oooians got a short tour. “um, Bonnibel, would you like to come upstairs with me?” Prince Gumball asked.

“Sure! The kitchen, maybe? I have a great Gingerbread Cake recipe if you want to-”

“Let’s go!” he replied, grabbing her hand and running up the stairs.

Finn sighed. “The Gumbdrop Ball is today. I only have a couple hours to pick up Flame Princess-”

“Flame Prince?” Fionna questioned.

“Um, no Flame Pri-”

“I know him! Come on!” Fionna took his arm and showed him out the door. She started to run, then stopped and signaled him to follow. He started to run after her, and they soon arrived at the Flame Kingdom. They walked through the door, and Finn looked up. The opposite of Flame Princess looked up and waved to Fionna. She shyly waved back, “Hi Flame Prince!”

“Hi, Princess of the Grasslands.” He replied.

“Ok, Finn, let’s go.” She said as she started back to the Candy Kingdom.

“Actually, Fionna, I was going to say Flame Princess. I think we’re…opposites.” Finn noticed.

“Whoa…” she understood.

“I invited her to go to the Gumdrop Ball with me today, and I need to get back.”

“Oh.” Fionna said. “Well, come with me then.” she started running towards a rocky mountain. He followed, in hope that he would make it home in time. They climbed up the huge mountain, and soon came across a cave with burning rocks. “Don’t touch them,” she warned. “They’ll burn you.” They both ran into the cave, and Finn noticed a light at the end of it. “Over here,” she signaled. They opened up a wooden door, and saw a woman and a room filled with potions and cauldrons and wands.

Episode 3 pic 2

“Hey, Amor Mors! We need your help.” She said to the woman.

“Yes, Fionna the Human and Finn the Human, how can I help you.”

“Can you create a portal back to the Land of Ooo? The Flame Kingdom?”

“Yes, hold on a moment, Fionna.” She said as she added some things to her potion she was making.

“Oh,” Finn remembered. “And do you have any fancy outfits I can wear?” he asked.

“Hmm… hold on a moment…” she walked over to a closet, opened the door, and disappeared in it. After some rustles and bustles, she pulled out a suit, gave it to Finn, and continued making the potion.
Episode 3 pic 3

I’ll go put this on,” he said, walking into the bathroom.

“Ok, Finn.” Fionna replied. “Can you make the potion any quicker?” She asked.

“The potion is done, Fionna the Human. Let me bottle it, firstly.” She walked over to a cupboard, pulled out a bottle, dunked it into the cauldron, and gave it to Fionna. “Thanks!” she said. Finn opened up the bathroom door towards Fionna. “How do I look?” Fionna nodded.

“You look great!” Finn opened up his pack, which was in his hands, and pulled out a walkie- talkie. “Jake?” he talked into it. He waited a second. “Yah? Finn, is that you? Over.”

“Yep. I have a question. Over.”

“What? Over.”

“Hold on a sec-over.” Finn looked to Amor Mors. “Maim, can you bring these people over here?” He handed her a picture of LSP, PB, BMO, Marceline, Jake, and himself to the woman. “Yes, Finn the Human.” She waved her hands around, yelled out, “Adducam!” and after a couple seconds and a poof, the five appeared. “Ok, Fionna, use the potion!” Fionna poured a little on each person, and waved good-bye. “Bye, Finn!” she yelled out.

“Bye Fionna!” he yelled back. “To the Fire Kingdom!” he screamed, then they all ended up at the Flame Kingdom. “You guys can go,” Finn remarked, “Jake and PB, you should go and get ready for the ball!” they all nodded and ran away.


Finn walked through the doorway, and walked towards the lamp. Flame Princess was in a beautiful dress, and Finn straightened his bow tie as he walked over.

Flame Princess Gumbdrop Ball

“Wow,” he whispered. “You look- great!”

“Thanks.” She blushed.

“Shall we?” he said, taking her hand as he helped her down the stairs. She smiled.

“To the ball we go!”


They soon arrived at the ball, where they saw Jake and Lady, Peebles and… Prince Gumball? They all partied hard, and soon came the slow dance. “Finn,” Flame Princess whispered. “I have something to tell you.”

“What is it?” he excitedly whispered back.

“I am not a…” she started. Then she pushed Finn away, and soon the dress became too small and ripped off of her as she grew darker and larger. Soon, she became a hideous monster attacking the kingdom! But, no, not her usual fire monster. Some sort of…dark monster?
Episode 3 pic 4

She was inhaling everything in the ballroom. Finn looked around. He saw flames in the basement. He ran down the stairs, yelled, “Jake! Try to kill it! I have the flames!” he opened up the door to the dungeon, only to see Flame Princess lying in one of the cells! “Flame Princess?” Finn whispered. “Finn?” FP wearily said. “Get me out of here!”

“Ok,” he said, grabbing the key and opening the door. “Come on, some monster was disguised as you!” Finn said, opening the door out of the dungeon and up the stairs. “You have to help me fight-” Finn was stopped by the sight. Everyone was gone. Everything was gone. Just an empty room. “I thought that…”

“Finn, we have to save them! I know what you’re talking about! Follow me!” FP said as she started running. “It’s going to kill everyone. It can destroy everything.” She sighed.

“Even the Lich?” Finn asked.

“Mmm hmm. We have to stop it.”

“With the power of…like liking?” Finn encouraged.

“No. With the power of fire and fighting. Ok?” she said.

“OK.” They said, while they seemed to be headed towards the Spooky Forest.

What happens next? Check out episode 4!

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