Adventure Time Fan Fiction Episode 4

Another One Bites the Dust…and the Flame

As they approached the eerie Spooky Forest, Flame Princess and Finn ended up holding hands. Not romantically…in fear.

They soon heard screams a little ahead, and ran further to find the flame monster terrorizing the forest animals. “Get out your sword, Finn,” Flame Princess nudged Finn as he took out his demon’s blood sword. While FP started to ambush the monster, Finn continuously stabbed at the stomach of the monster. He could hear screams from the stomach, and heard a Finn! “Jake?” he asked.

“Buddy! You gotta get us outta here! It’s disgusting!” Jake screeched.

“Ok!” Finn yelled back as he jumped and stabbed the monster’s now flaming neck. Then he sliced of the head, looked inside, and saw everyone from the forest and the ball. “Come on, guys!” Finn motioned. He and Flame Princess helped everyone out of the monster, and once everyone was out, the monster’s torso caught into flames.

Princess Bubblegum ran over to Flame Princess. “I-I’m sorry for throwing you over the bridge.” She apologized.

“It’s okay.” She replied with a smile.

“Would you like to be…friends?” Princess Bubblegum asked.

“Sure.” FP replied, hugging her.

“Now, let’s go back to the castle, shall we?” Princess Bubblegum said to her subjects, as they yelled hooray. Everyone soon got back to dancing, and soon came to a slow song. Finn and Flame Princess started to dance. Lady and Jake scooted closer to them, and Jake nudged Finn. “Man, kisher!” he whispered.

Huh?” he whispered back.

Kiss her!”

Oh!”Finn turned around to Flame Princess. They smiled, then blushed. They got closer and closer, and soon their lips came together in a kiss. Jake smiled. “So…I guess we are like… boyfriend and girlfriend now?” Finn asked in a whisper.

“Yah…I think so.” She replied in a grin. Out of nowhere, the lights when off, a rustle was heard, and they came back on.

“Hey, Peebles? Where is your crown?” Jake said, looking around.

“Where’s my pack?” Finn said worriedly.

“Where’s Prince Gumball?” Princess Bubblegum cried.

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