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AS most of you know, I love to draw comics and pictures. So, whenever I make a comic, I'll be posting it here! Enjoy!

Lemongrab and Aqua Princess: In Your Dreams

In your dreams comic
This comic is about Lemongrab and an OC of mine, Aqua Princess. Below is the transcript since it is kinda hard to read.


L: I will save you, my sweet!

AP: Oh, Earl, thank goodness! I was captured by the Lich!

L: Okay, Just untangle this, pull this out...

(Aqua Princess giggles and blushes)

L: You look great.

AP: Thanks...

(start to smooch)

F: Aqua Princess!

(Lemongrab and Aqua Princess blush, Princess Bubblegum pops out of nowhere in place of Lemongrab)

AP: Wait, what are you doing here?

PB: Oh,hi Aqua Princess!

(PB smiles like a weirdo, sticks out her tounge, changes colors and grows another eyeball, AP grows an extra eyeball and frowns at it)

AP: Okay, now I know I'm dreaming.

(scene switches to AP'S bedroom)


(Clicks on light)

AP: fewef, it was jsut a dream!

(thinks for a second)

AP: Darn, It was just a dream! THE END

The Ice and the Evil Merge: Pt. 1

Lich and ice king pt 1
This is about F+J encountering something strange..

F: I can't wait to go swimming, Jake!

J: Me too, Buddy!

F: Whoa...Whoa! (falls into hole)

J: Do not worry, Finn, Uncle Jake is a comin! (jumps into hole)

F: Whoa!

J: Do not worry, Finn!

F: Look at FP! WHOA... (Imagines FP in a bikini)

J (not seen): Finn! Come on, They're in trouble!

F: what? who?

J:Them! They were captured, then skinned! Whoever did this took their most important things, inserted a chip into their brains, and is controlling them! We have to let them go! Come on, Finn!

F: Wait, how did you know all that?

J: I can smell it.

CYBORG VOICE: Finn. Jake. Help. Oh, Please Help.

PB (cyborg voice): Oh please, help. It is the Ice King. The Handsom Ice King.

FP (cyborg voice): I love you, Finn. Let us smooch.

LSP (cyborg voice): Honest guys. I will stay away from you.

VP (cyborg voice): Join us, Guys. Join us. Come here, guys.

F: how do we fight them Jake? I love one of them!

J: Your going to need to (blurred and unreadable)

F: I... I will join you... ( in spirit bubble) wh-where am I?

FP: Finn! You saved us! Hoo-ray!

LSP: Yah, whatevs.

PB: Finn, the Ice King and the Lich teamed up and took our stuff!

F (FP hugging him, blushing): Do not worry, but how do we get out of here?

PB:It says that only a hero can save us, so since your our hero, read this.

F (in Latin): Dimittere nos o potens nomine Billy et lucrum nostrum plantis de spiritus caveis.


COMING SOON: The Ice and the Evil Merge, Pt 2

Coming Soon!

Fionna and Cake Comics

Fionna and Cake Comic #1- Sticky Fingers



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