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Fan Mades: Rainicorn Princess's Story

Princess Rainicorn, or Rainicorn Princess, is the ruler of the rainicorns. She is a humaniod, and a human-rainicorn hybrid. Her full name is Princess Terrian Louve Rainicorn. Below is the Rainicorn Family Tree...

Paul Rainbow + Emily Unicorn = Rainicorn Princess

+ Cloud Guy = Begining Rainicorn Population

Rainicorn Princess

Rainicorn Princess's full name is Princess Isabelle Rainicorn. She rules the Rainicorns in the Cloud Castle, and
Rainicorn Princess
her assistant, Pinky. Rainicorn Princess loves both Finn and Jake, and loves to hang out with them. Her best friends are Princess Bubblegum and Lady, and also Pinky. She cares for the Rainicorn population dearly, and loves the rest of Ooo just as much.


Pinky is an abnormal rainicorn that was born with only shades of Pink. Although she is Rainicorn Princess's butler and servant, they are both fast friends. Like most Rainicorns, she speaks Korean. She does, however, have a universal translator, though when assisting Rainicorn Princess, she does not need it because she can understand Korean.


Pinky in the sky.