I will be lleaving for an undisclosed amount of time. the reasons dont mater. all that maters is that (god forbid) is my final message to the wiki world may it be known that many of you see me as the following and have openly used the terms behind the backs of admins and chat mods (my fault for not reporting it I admit)

  • bummer
  • Emo
  • B***h
  • Loser
  • idiot
  • waist of space
  • s**t
  • w***e
  • ect.......

I wont waist anymore words on the like sof you

But for the few who managed muster up the lies to call me an allie or freind I slaute you.

I hope your lives are better than what the remainder of mine was.

(this isnt a sucied note)

(finish whenever 3-6-12)