aka Lewis

  • I live in UK, Wales
  • I was born on June 8
  • My occupation is YouTuber, Encoder, Contributer
  • I am 20 years of age, Male
  • BoredandProud

    My Swamp...

    January 14, 2015 by BoredandProud

    So, yeah, I now officially have a swamp placed somewhere in Wales, uhh, it costed money. I have a swamp and it's my swamp. No trespassers tolerated at all. BTW, I'M ALWAYS IN CHAT... really sad, huh? ANY CONVERSATION WOULD BE NICE, CHAT IS DYING, GIVE IT THE LOVE IT DESERVES OR, I WILL CALL THE ATCWPD (Adventure Time Chat Wiki Police Department) BYE, THANK YOU *BOOP*-

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