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    Favorite Episodes: ALL!

    Favorite Episodes: ALL!

    • Favorite Episodes: All, but not Another Way.
    • Worst Episodes Ever: Another Way
    • Note: Finn is out of character, The Kissing Clowns sucked, the writing plot almost damaged the entire show, the newer characters were forgetable and Finn shouldn't be a cowardly idiot, i am sick of watching that, and i hated it, even when i was a kid, 0/10. WORST EPISODE OF ALL IN ADVENTURE TIME HISTORY! And Pendleton Ward made it the worst episodes ever written, this episode SUCKS!

    • Favorite Episodes: All! but NOT Burning Low.
    • Worst Episodes Ever: Burning Low (this episode is a very sad episode).

    • Favorite Episodes: ALL! BEST SEASON EVER
    • Fionna and Cake Spin-off series: Bad Little Boy, Hmm....That one was OK.

    • Favorite Episodeā€¦

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  • BriceStone12530

    I know you guys loved Adventure Time for so many years but take a look at this, poll. He is your choice.

    Is Adventure Time getting Better? Yes No

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  • BriceStone12530

    Do you hate Season 3's Another Way? Yes. THIS EPISODE...SUCKS!!! This is totally my least favorite. No.

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