Adventure Time with Finn and Jake Wiki


Season 5 Episodes Orders

Season 5:

1. Treehouse Repair.

2. Security Bots.

3. Ice Cream!

4. Ice King's Robot.

5. Fortune Luck.

6. Beemo vs. Bobert.

7. Double Date.

8. The Wizard of Finn and Jake.

9. Frozen in Paris

10. Vaction Time! Part l & ll

11. Finn and Jake's Game Show

12. Finn's Stayction

13. The Club

14. Video Game Makers

15. Cards Games

16. Injury Troblue

17. Cooks of Love

18. Finn's Magazine

19. Spider Queen

20. Ice Wepons of Robot

21. Pink Lemonade

22. Smart Adventureous

23. Science Project

24. Magic Finn

25. Read All About It

26. Where's Beemo

27. Board Games

28. Camera Photo Shot

29. Cart Racing

30. The Coma

31. Stormy Day

32. The Adventure Poilce

33. Super Finn

34. Adventure Time The Movie: Back in Action

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