POTATOES. They might one day take over the world...think about it, the whole world being run by potatoes! That would be bloobalooby!

Hello! I have an idea...we should play a nice relaxing game of STUPID SHIPS!!!!

Here is how you play, you pick a stupid ship and draw a picture of it...or get a picture of it off of the internet, and it doesn't have to be with ATxAT characters... it can be AT x any show :D

Nex step, you post the picture to the blog, and the first person to ask for it (you'll see what that means...) gets it!

The person who gets it tries to think of a random conversation the couple had...any conversation... and it has to be with in one day. You then put the conversation o here, with the picture and thats how you play STUPID SHIPS!!!!

The End.