Hey, here is Sweet Princess with another lousy blog!

Ok, today I just noticed I have so merchandise...mostly because Adventure Time is so epicly awesome that i need the stuff...

i have...

  • Comics 1-5, and the Marceline one, too
  • Finn wallet
  • the Ultimate Finn
  • Finn plush
  • Jake plush
  • Jake pin
  • the Finn and Jake waving action figurines
  • the Marceline and Finn singing action figurines
  • the Ice King and Finn action figurines
  • ect.

I am going to get Comic #6 this weekend, and I want either the slamacow Finn or Jake or the giant LSP stuffed animal for my B-Day... I have a Newbury Comics right down the street that sells all of this stuff if any of you are thinking "Where teh heckings doez she getz all dis stuffz?" and Target sells some AT stuff too, so does Toys-R-S...

Bye Bye <3