Could everyone just STOP making the irrelevant blogs?

I know this one is irrelevant, but at least it HAS A REASON.

You know, I used to be friends with some of these "blog spammers", but now it is just ridiculous.

I really can't take it anymore.

You know who you are, people. You know your blogs are irritating people, so could you just STOP making them?

Here is an example: Sekeid'ah-UuaDliles

She is a good person, but the constant spamming of gifs and pictures is getting REAL DAMN ANNOYING.

I want to talk about Adventure Time! I do NOT want to talk about fan clubs, Asian men, and your birthday.

I mean, over 4,000 comments of SPAM?

It is annoying.

Sorry if this made you feel bad, but I really need you to stop. I need everyone else to stop, too.


~Sweet Princess