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  • Brozoco

    Bravest Warriors

    November 17, 2012 by Brozoco

    If you haven't found out Pen Ward's new web series Bravest Warriors has started airing on Youtube so go check it out, because it is AWESOME! Also go check out it's wiki it needs more editors and I hae started editing today.

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  • Brozoco

    FP's Story: My Way

    September 14, 2012 by Brozoco

    Since FP hs been the center of attention I'm making a story about how I thought FP's story shoud have gone. No Episode that included FP happen in this reality. Also I will update this blog until the tale is done

    What if FP was actually a villain from the start? STORY ARC TIME

    Jake burst into the tree house yelling for Finn. “Finn, Finn get down here now!”

    Finn rushed down to the bottom of the tree house yelling back at Jake. “What dude?”

    “I got word from Flambo that a princess has been captured!” Jake said.

    “Is it Ice King again?” Finn said.

    “No not this time. It’s Fame King!”

    “Okay let’s go!”

    Finn and Jake ran across the Ooo to get to the Flame Kingdom. When they arrived Flambo was waiting for them at the entrance. Flambo told them that to get i…

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  • Brozoco

    Card Wars Championship

    August 3, 2012 by Brozoco

    You ready for this. We're not having a Wikilypics or a Wiki Awards or even a Tour de Wiki. We are having a Card Wars Championship. It will be hosted on the Card Wars Wiki [1]. The Championship is on Saturday at noon EST.

    • Create a deck following a topic
    • Have 15 Cards
    • Don't over overpower your cards
    • Your Cards will be kept a secret until the championship
    • Each card has a power and a side power.

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  • Brozoco

    Fanfic Portal

    July 10, 2012 by Brozoco

    What if we combined AT Wiki & AT Fanon Wiki by creating a Fanon portal? The idea came from Avatar Wiki (Fanon Portal) It would get better traffic to both sites, and I know we have a lot of Fanon writers on this site (For Example: all of Video Network).

    Post if you think we should have a fanon portal or not and your reasonings in the comments

    Fanon Portal? Yes No

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