Since FP hs been the center of attention I'm making a story about how I thought FP's story shoud have gone. No Episode that included FP happen in this reality. Also I will update this blog until the tale is done

What if FP was actually a villain from the start? STORY ARC TIME

Fire Girl (Episode One)

Jake burst into the tree house yelling for Finn. “Finn, Finn get down here now!”

Finn rushed down to the bottom of the tree house yelling back at Jake. “What dude?”

“I got word from Flambo that a princess has been captured!” Jake said.

“Is it Ice King again?” Finn said.

“No not this time. It’s Fame King!”

“Okay let’s go!”

Finn and Jake ran across the Ooo to get to the Flame Kingdom. When they arrived Flambo was waiting for them at the entrance. Flambo told them that to get in they would need the Flame Shield to get into the Flame Kingdom. Flambo started chanting an incantation and Finn and Jake started to glow blue. The guys thanked Flambo and ran inside into the castle.

When they entered they saw a young girl about Finn’s age being dragged into a lantern by Flame King. “Flame King, let that girl go!” Finn said.

“No, no, no you guys don’t understand!” Flame King said.

Finn & Jake ran to the lantern and Jake punched Flame King out of the way and Finn grabbed the girl’s hand and it burned but he still held on. Flame King grew into big Flame and started to chase the boys around the room. They finally got out with the girl. “Thanks for the help, I’m Flame Princess.” She said.

“No problem, I’m Finn” He said.

“Wait your Finn the Human I heard all about you! Do you want to go adventuring sometime?” FP said.

FP looked down at her hand and started to blush. Finn noticed that his hand was still on hers. They both started to blush and Finn took his hand away because it was on fire. Jake doused the flame with water from Finn’s backpack. “So about that Adventure” Finn said. “It would be flipping awesome to go on an adventure with you.”

“Yes, I’ve got a great adventure we can go on” FP said. “We can go steal from the Candy Kingdom. I love stealing stuff”.

“What?!” Finn said

To Be Continued