I don't know why many hate PB

1. The pranking fas finn's idea.

2. The hey earl your fired you butt maybe she said that to mafe Lemongrab away because he is already hurting her people.

3. PB is also forgiving at the episode the duke she said hate dwindles it means she might already forgive lemongrab.

4. The zoimbes are innocent experiments with good intentions.

5. Sometimes she looks like crazy or jerk because as a ruler you should do tough judging like what Mr. Muto said.

6. Her lies like in the episode other tarts she said that so finn and jake would not eat the tarts and to do ther best it means she don't just say lies purposeless.

7. She don't accept finn maybe because when finn told his real fellings of PB she is posse by the lich.

Sorry if LGP will hate me but this is my idea.