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    As mentioned in the forums in April 2013 Forum:Transcript pages need an official layout. This was to announce to the community and let people know what I will be doing.

    This was done after viewing a lot of transcript pages and seeing them in the following state: Blank pages, Incompleteness, Differently formatted from one another, RTE errors, Vandalism the list goes on. I've only recently begun to create transcripts due to this and because they were always tagged with the "Construction" template instead of the Stub template. The problem with creating a page is if someone doesn't add anything to it then that page should be viewed as spam until otherwise. Linking it from an episode page or having it pop up in the search bar gives visitors the i…

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    I Google'd to see how many results I could find about Finn not being Human, and got about few hits lol. But not much to counter them.

    Anyway, people on the Wiki (and outside) are convinced that Susan Strong is Human. I have yet to see a comment on here about Finn being a Fish Person. In the episode "Beautopia", Susan was surprised to see Finn had no gills, of course the ending seems to nullify this. But what criteria makes a Homosapien in the Land of Ooo?

    In the episode "Her Parents", Bob and Ethal thought Finn was a goblin. Even though from what we've seen, Goblin skin is various shades of green and their anatomy is obvious. But to counter this you can say their nearsightedness contributes to their Goblin!Finn statement.

    So what if Fin…

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    I've been assigned to be a Maintenance admin, that means my focus will be on general upkeep of the site. My main focus/project as an admin is images, renaming images and creating categories for those images and (highly likely) deleting images.

    The renaming of images will take some time. And so that you are aware, when I do not select "Leave a redirect behind" during the renaming process, that means the original upload name of the image will become a redlink, it will no longer be accessible by its original name. So be aware that it will take community effort to restore the galleries and article images that the redlinks will appear on. I can largely do this myself, but obviously help will much welcomed. -- Bunai82 (talk) 03:31, Apri…

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    Hello, as you can see by my profile I am Gaia Online member.

    Anyway, Gaia Online sometimes gets sponsors from various media that appear on the site and hand out free items, all for promotional reasons. Well, this year it is Adventure Time! ^_^ It appeared around March 14, 2012 with the "Horse", which was revealed to be Ice King. The horse posted around the forums with ". . ." not saying much, just being creepy.

    On March 20th, AT related items were up for sale in the Cash Shop as well as Gold Shops. A forum was created and a sticky with Pendleton Ward. I'll have all this information displayed on Gaiapedia. -- Bunai82 (talk) 15:49, March 20, 2012 (UTC)



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