As mentioned in the forums in April 2013 Forum:Transcript pages need an official layout. This was to announce to the community and let people know what I will be doing.

This was done after viewing a lot of transcript pages and seeing them in the following state: Blank pages, Incompleteness, Differently formatted from one another, RTE errors, Vandalism the list goes on. I've only recently begun to create transcripts due to this and because they were always tagged with the "Construction" template instead of the Stub template. The problem with creating a page is if someone doesn't add anything to it then that page should be viewed as spam until otherwise. Linking it from an episode page or having it pop up in the search bar gives visitors the impression that they will be clicking a link to be taken to a completed and formatted transcript page, not nothingness or just a mess of text.

So to get everything as uniformed as the episode pages I came up with a simple layout. This is inspired by the Spongebob wiki and Avatar wiki which have their own way of presenting text, but each gives credits and an indication to what transcript is presented. Everyone doesn't like wading through categories to find a particular article, and also, having a Previous and Next option makes things more convenient. I updated the Category talk:Transcripts so things are easier to get to, as the layout was previously listed episodes pages, this was unnecessary because episodes already have their own page and template while transcripts only had a category.

Anyway, what is frustrating is three contributors wiping out the top half of the page without even viewing the history and contacting me as to why a seemingly episode template was on a transcript page. I changed the template background to white to see if that helps in putting off content removing.

I know the work will be slow, but I will go through each page to adjust them to the new layout. The only reason I created a blog is because a lot of contributors here don't participate in wiki matters when it comes to the forums and instead focus on changes to their user page or image uploads.