• Burendan Suchibenzu

    Notice a pattern in Adventure Time's plots? Example as follows, also note, if you haven't seen any of these episodes, SPOILERS!

    Episode Plot Started Episode where Plot Resolved Episodes it lasted
    "Mortal Recoil" PB Turning 13 "Too Young" 2
    "Jake The Dad" Jake's Puppies "Jake The Dad" 1

    "Escape From The Citadel"

    Finn's lost arm. "Breezy" 4

    Say you get a large Supreme Pizza, each AT Subplot is a topping, and the Best Topping, they'll be like "We're finally gonna put Pepperoni on this piece, we're finally going to advance on it.", they give you 3 pieces of Pepperoni, and it's done, they'll hand you the piece of Pizza, and you're like "What?! I wanted more!". And you still take it, either way.

    Basically, as you can see, AT Subplots never last that lo…

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