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  • CHolt

    Its amazing! Its going to have the genderbents and Fiolee and everything else!

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  • CHolt

    Chat GMW Fanfiction, The Signup

    February 19, 2013 by CHolt

    Basically, its a fanfiction set around the time of the Third World War - also known later on in Ooo as the Great Mushroom War. It involves people in chat; if I invited you, please post your OC for the fic in this form:

    Last Note: This is before Ooo even existed; when the world was still normal. Please make it as close to IRL as possible. 

    OC Name:

    Occupation (please be conciderate when doing this; no heads of state, famous actors, etc.):

    Place of residence on Earth:

    Any notes:

    Good luck!

    List of OCs:

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  • CHolt

    Another Observation...

    January 5, 2013 by CHolt

    So, I just was reading over IC's blog: , which made me think. I thus came up with this post: Naturally, it is virtually impossible for two different species (unless they are very closely related genetically, such as different bird subspecies) to produce hybrid offspring. Before even talking about genetic traits, the fact that two phenotypically very different species managed to produce (although if the faceless pup is anything to go by, not unaffected) offspring, this is incredible to say the least. This would mean Rainicorns and Dogs are incredibly closely related, genetically. Phenotypes are of course not really good in determining genetic iden…

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  • CHolt

    Recall at the beginning of "I Remember You", the Ice King went to his "past room"? There were a lot of interesting items there, such as the Highway 101 sign, and his scrapbook; but one thing stood out: an "EAT" sign, similar to the the one we saw outside the ruined diner in "Memory of Memory".

    At first glance, this seems odd and a little creepy, right? The Ice King following Marceline, going after and keeping items that are in some way connected to her. But there's another thing. Recall at the end of "Daddy's Little Monster", what Hunson Abadeer said? "They weren't even very good. They were really cold." What if the fries were Simon Petrikov's last gift to Marceline? Before he left due to the crown-induced insanity, he saved food for her so …

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