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    December 13, 2011 by CNBENREX10

    Ok Gunter is definately not a normal penguin. In fact I don't know what he is here are some clues to SOMETHING about Gunter

    • Marcelines Dad said he is the most evil thing he has ever seen (Could indicate something)
    • HE gave birth to a pink (Ice King asks Gunter why he didn't tell him ????)
    • Gunter likes to break things
    • Even Marceline has a Diary full of secrets about Gunter

    Mabue Gunter is being contoled by the Lich.

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    When will the snail finally bring the Lich back to life and when will the Lich finally beat up Finn and then Finn and Jake beat up the Lich. I feel like Gunter is involved to some degree !@#$%^&*()!@#$%^&()!@#$%^&*()!@#$%^&*()@#$%^&*()@#$%^&*(@#$%^&*()@#$%^&*(@#$%^&*(@#$%^&*(@#$%^&*(#$%^&*($%^&.CNBENREX10 09:20, November 13, 2011 (UTC)

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    Ghost Lady ?

    October 21, 2011 by CNBENREX10

    That ghost lady is actually kind of cool she's probably a real ghost. But I do have a lot of questions about her like does she want to kill finn like The Lich ? Will she obey a command of Ghost Princess ? Will finn return to destroy her ? will the bond between PB and Finn or even possibly Finn and Marceline destroy her ? But she is kind of cool( if she was an ally of Finns).

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